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OldCoder Iskkor

by OldCoder » Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:40

Iskkor is a private world that has been discontinued. One purpose of this thread is to announce that buildings in Iskkor are being moved to other worlds. To see some of the buildings, you can go to the following location:

Your phone or window isn't wide enough to display the code box. If it's a phone, try rotating it to landscape mode.
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World:   OldCoder Skyblock
Server:  minetest.org
Port:    30005
Coords:  15938.7,261.5,16206.1

or you can just go to OldCoder Skyblock and type: /iskkor

If you'd like your own copy of one of your buildings, see me in Inchra or Freenode IRC.

This screenshot shows a few of the buildings as they look in OldCoder Skyblock


This screenshot shows something a little unusual. It's a workshop-library that I found underground buried in solid rock (this copy has been moved into open space):



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