any no strings attached pvp servers

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any no strings attached pvp servers

by Diamond knight » Sat Mar 25, 2017 19:50

I am looking for a pvp server that is active where i can pvp without having to walk miles to find one player, i tried switchboard but i got kicked for a rule that isnt even listed, apparently there is no annoying players there (i just pvped and was good at it and players got annoyed they could not win), and on skywars i got warnings from a moderator to stop going on killing sprees even though that rule appears to not exist (the server desc says kill all players and i never heard of that rule at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), are there any servers with good amounts of players and no rules (aside from no hacking of course), i want to pvp but i am just so good and i get in trouble for killing sprees even on servers that have pvp in their name (really switchboard, really)

I do not want to have to use anti kick hacks (i am good at modding and c++ is not that different from lua) just to pvp...

I was thinking of making some good improvements to the modding api but now i might have to hack to get out my destructive instinct :( becuase all the pvp servers require you to refrain from being too good so the players dont get annoyed.
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