Removal of Nyan Cats: how to preserve them in worlds

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Re: Removal of Nyan Cats: how to preserve them in worlds

by Sokomine » Sun Apr 02, 2017 18:43

The rainbow really ought to be kept. It looks particulary nice in the Carbone subgame where the cats are far more common and fly in the sky above. At night it looks like falling stars. The rainbow texture found in Carbone is also partly transparent which is also very decorative.

The cat itshelf can be replaced with the dog. Or - which might also be intresting - with the new animated "candy" rainbow. The resolution is too low to be sure that it's candys. They could also be flowers, insects, reflections or whatever the player wishes them to be. Neither block ought to be eatible.

I'd personally prefer the block at the head/tail to be a spacecraft of some kind. Perhaps something vagualy like a meseblock, but with a "window" in the front side where - thanks to an animated texture - the mob steering the ufo might peer through from time to time (oerkki, dm, all our lovely fellows).
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