Misc. phpBB3 Classic notes

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Misc. phpBB3 Classic notes

by OldCoder » Tue Dec 05, 2017 00:34

This post provides unsorted notes to help me and possibly others with misc. phpBB3 issues.

These notes apply to 3.0.14 and *not* to pre-3.0 or post-3.0 releases of phpBB3. The steps described here may, or may not, work for 3.0.X below 3.0.14.

In these notes, "mtfprefix_" is a prefix that would vary from site to site.

"MariaDB" below may refer to either MariaDB per se or to MySQL.

MySQL commands assume that you're logged in-to MariaDB as an appropriate MariaDB user and have switched to the appropriate phpBB3 database.

* If you've imported a phpBB3 database, it's advisable to execute the following MariaDB command afterwards. It may correct mysteriously missing Edit and Quote buttons.

Your phone or window isn't wide enough to display the code box. If it's a phone, try rotating it to landscape mode.
Code: Select all
update mtfprefix_users set user_lang = "en" where user_lang = "";

* To block registration from a particular email host domain:

ACP -> Users and Groups -> Ban e-mails -> E-mail address -> Enter *@glmux.com (substitute appropriate domain) -> Edit the Reason fields -> Submit

* To block just one email address, replace *@glmux.com in the preceding with the address in question. Specify just the [email protected] part as opposed to "Name <[email protected]>".

* Text in posts is now justified by default. To do this, I added this CSS code to overall_header.html in the theme:
.content { text-align: justify; }

* For the benefit of those who prefer not to justify text, I've added a new BBCode:

[left] text goes here [/left]

Text marked up in this manner is left-aligned. Note: To add the new BBCode, I used the following "click on" sequence:

ACP -> POSTING on navbar -> BBCodes

* Another new BBCode that is supported:

text goes here

The preceding sequence puts a green box around the specified text.

* Another new BBCode that is supported:

[clickon] text goes here [/clickon]

The preceding sequence can be used to format "click on" sequences such as:

ACP -> POSTING on navbar -> BBCodes

* To edit the forums page header:

ACP -> STYLES on navbar -> Style components -> Templates -> Minetest Maintheme -> Edit -> Template file -> overall_header.html -> Select template file

To edit the forums page footer, proceed in the same manner but select "overall_footer.html" instead of "overall_header.html".

* When you create a new category or forum, you should be sure, usually, to specify a typical existing forum to copy permissions from. If you don't do this, the new category or forum may not be visible in the board index.

* There is a second issue which can cause a category to be invisible. Specifically, a category will usually be invisible until you add at least one forum to it.

* To rename a topic, edit the first post in the topic and change the string in the Subject field.


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