What Can I Do With Wool?

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What Can I Do With Wool?

by tupacshakaur » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:06

Just as the title says. Is wool just purely decorative? Or does it serve some greater purpose other than creating a bed? Sorry if this a total noob question but I am new to Minetest/Minecraft/etc. and I wasn't sure what the point of wool was. Is it possible for me to make something else from wool?

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Re: What Can I Do With Wool?

by OldCoder » Sat Feb 24, 2018 09:14

There is, or was, an entire Minetest world made out of wool: Woolyland. If Woolyland has disappeared, I have a copy and will boot it for you.

Wool blocks are a general-purpose building block. They're used to make buildings, statues of Zeus throwing lightning bolts, Christmas Trees, pretty much anything.

See the screenshot below. It shows a statue of a cat made out of wool. The statue is a tribute to a cat named Diego who wsa the "first tomcat" that belonged to the admin of one Minetest world.

You can see Diego in OldCoder's copy of Minetest France, which is located at server minebest.org (with a "b") port 30070 (it's a private world that isn't on the server list)

To teleport to Diego the old tomcat, go to that world and type the command: /diego


Note: Diego was difficult to see at night. So, I replaced his green-wool eyes with a version of wool that glows in the dark.

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